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How Does KidSight Outreach Operate?

In over 20 years of screening for potential vision problems, our volunteers have formed partnerships with educational leaders and daycare providers in their communities.  Under the Lions banner, our KidSight Outreach program has become an essential part of the yearly curriculum for educators across Tennessee.  Our volunteers coordinate, schedule and conduct screenings at daycare centers, kindergarten programs, preschools and other facilities where children are regularly supervised.


Just as our screening volunteers have become an important resource for the educators and children of Tennessee, so too has our KidSight Outreach staff.  In recent years, our staff has developed a system of screening data management, follow-up, and record keeping that allows for expedited results and constant monitoring of our program’s effectiveness, HIPAA compliance, and productivity.  The data from each screening is sent to the KidSight Outreach offices at Tennessee Lions Charities for cataloging and professional evaluation.   

Parents are then notified of the results, and children with potential vision problems are referred for a full exam.  Two to three months after the results from screenings are returned to the parents, our staff reaches out to the parents of the children who were referred.  It is the goal of this follow-up to check on the status of their exam.  If the child has not been to an eye care professional, our staff reminds parents of the potential risk factors.  In some cases we assist parents in finding a doctor in their area and work with local Lions Clubs to assist with the cost of glasses. 


Once a referred child has been examined, the results of these exams are forwarded to our partners at Vanderbilt University's Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.  Our partners use this information to continue their study of Amblyopia.

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