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The KidSight Outreach Sustaining Donor Initiative was set up to encourage every Tennessee Lion to make a small donation to support our mission to improve the lives of children through dedicated pediatric vision care. 

Our KidSight Outreach Sustaining donors receive a new limited edition Lions pin every year they maintain their commitment to our KidSight Outreach vision screening program.

Become a KSO Sustaining Donor!

Vision problems affect 5-10% of preschool and 25% of school-age children in the US. Unfortunately, approximately 60% of these children lack access to basic eye exams. Undetected and untreated vision problems can prevent the development of the brain's binocular function, resulting in Amblyopia or "lazy eye." Amblyopia is the leading cause of monocular blindness and a leading cause of vision impairment in Tennessee. TLC’s KidSight Outreach program focuses on the early detection of Amblyopia which must be identified and treated as early as possible to prevent low-vision and/or blindness. Since 1997, over 690,000 children have participated in a KidSight Outreach vision screening.  Over 40,000 have been referred for treatment.

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