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KidSight Outreach

Vision problems affect five percent of preschool and one in four school-age children. Currently, an estimated 60% of children under age six do not have eye exams.  Spearheaded by its founders, Ed Lindsey and Austin Jennings, Tennessee Lions Charities created its pediatric vision screening program, KidSight Outreach, to address this problem.

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Through our partnership with Vanderbilt University’s Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, KidSight Outreach has become the standard for volunteer pediatric vision screening programs across the nation.  For more than twenty years, KidSight Outreach has provided free vision screenings to the children of Tennessee between the ages of 12 and 72 months.  The goal of KidSight Outreach is to ensure that children with potential vision problems do not begin school with the disadvantage of an undiagnosed vision problem.  

Our program provides early detection, professional referral, and assured follow-up by notifying the parents to ensure the child receives a professional eye examination.  Our trained Lions Club volunteers conduct the screenings at no cost to the child or screening site.  The vision screening instruments used in our KidSight Outreach vision screening program are calibrated to specifically detect Amblyopia, a problem which must be identified and treated at an early age to prevent low vision and/or blindness.

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