Tennessee Lions Hall of Fame

The Tennessee Lions Hall of Fame was created in 2010 to honor those Lions of Tennessee who have distinguished themselves through dedicated selfless service beyond their local club. The standards for induction into the Tennessee Lions Hall of Fame are incredibly high, but we have been able to induct at least one new member every year at our annual Honors Banquet.

Tennessee Lions Hall of Fame Inductees


Carl Bledsoe                      James Masters

Allen Broughton                 Billy Pearson

Joe Dailey                         Dewey Phillips

Herb Diggs                        Clifford Pierce

B. J. Gallamore                      Billy Povlin

James Gourley                   Harold Rohen

Ruben Holland       W. A. "Bill" Shannon

Austin Jennings                   James Sherill

John Justice                       Pangle Stewart

James Lewis                   William Watkins

Edward Lindsey                 Chester Webb

Hugh Marlin                     Lynn Wilhoite

Dave Martin


Ralph Brewer                      Keith Pontius

Jerry Burgess                         Roy Proffitt

Frank Depriest          Robert Rittenberry

William Hunter                   Bennie Scott

James McBee                   Edward Weaver

C. S. Needham


Edgar Holmes

William Howell

Dennis Powell

Gale Prince

Floyd Schriber


John Berkheiser

Ron Birdwell

John Heath

John Sanders

Gene Sloan

Gene Staats

J. B. Walker

John Wolf


Robert Harrington

Allen Lyon

Bill Moore

Shirley Staats

C. B. Willis


B. J. Blankenship

David Crawford

Clare Crawford

Jerry Lonon

Terry Roberson

Thom Wilson


JoAnn Birdwell

Carolyn Blankenship

Edgar Gibbons


Bobby Bass


Barbara Heath


E. Dean Harshbarger

James McFarland

Robert Miller

Patsy Milom

Bill Stuart