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How Can You Support KidSight Outreach?

While Tennessee Lions Charities has built a strong foundation of support with the local Lions Clubs of Tennessee, there are several ways individuals can support Tennessee Lions Charities and our KidSight Outreach vision screening program.  Individuals can show their support of our vision screening program in many ways. 


The first outlet for individual support is our Lindsey-Jennings Fellowship.  Other outlets for support include memorials and estate gifts. 


Recurring donations to support KidSight Outreach can also be made online through FundRazr or PayPal.


Memorials in lieu of flowers are an excellent way to honor the life of a recently departed loved one.  Your donation will be used to provide free vision screenings to children across Tennessee.

Estate Gifts

While philanthropy is often motivated by tax reasons, charitable giving benefits many individuals and families from a legacy, personal fulfillment and generational-connection perspective.  Twice in our 25 years of service, Tennessee Lions Charities has received generous gifts from the estates of civic minded individuals.  These gifts continue to support our goal of ensuring that the children of Tennessee can begin their educational journeys without the threat of visual impairment going unnoticed.

To request more information or if you have questions on how you can support Tennessee LIons Charities contact our Executive Director, Lynn Wilhoite. 

The KidSight Outreach Sustaining Donor Initiative  was set up to encourage every Tennessee Lion to make a small donation to support our mission to improve the lives of children through dedicated pediatric vision care.

Join in 2023 to receive the KSO SDI exclusive Super Lion pin design.

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